Working with values and frames to accelerate positive change

Our people

Common Cause South Africa consists of a growing network of people passionate about putting Common Cause thinking into practice, both personally and within their organisations. Join us by staying in touch via newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

Robert and Rachel co-ordinate the growing Common Cause community in Southern Africa and assist organisations with the implementation of this approach to values and frames.

Robert Zipplies

Rob Zipplies

A long time ago, Robert worked in the steel industry, management consulting, internet start-ups and venture capital. But after increasingly becoming disenchanted with society’s status quo, he in 2004, after considerable soul searching, switched to corporate sustainability consulting. More recently — in search for answers to the question: why are humans not responding more ambitiously to the big issues of our time? — he made a switch to working with Common Cause and their values and frames methodology to accelerate positive change.

Robert is also a climate change activist, the editor of the book: Bending the Curve – Your guide to tackling climate change in South Africa (now available as a free e-book) and he offers Make-Life-Matter courses to inspire and equip budding change agents. He has an MSc in Engineering and an MBA.

In his spare time, he enjoys kite surfing, hiking and rock climbing, or juxtaposing these by reading, sampling good food and wine, and honing his do-nothing skills.

More on LinkedIn and Robert’s website.

Rachel Adatia

Rachel Adatia

As an independent consultant, Rachel develops learning programmes and materials for children and adults – with a focus on environment and development issues. Over the years her environmental activism has led her to undertake ecological monitoring work in Kenya and campaign for environmental justice in the mining sector in South Africa.

Her interest in Common Cause began in 2012, and she has participated in, and facilitated, various sessions about values and frames in the UK and Johannesburg. As a fresh way to look at issues and a tool for designing more effective campaigns for positive change in society, Common Cause resonates with her own experience of grappling with complex global issues. Rachel has an honours degree in Zoology and a masters degree in Education for Sustainability.

Some favourites to restore energy levels – being by the sea, dance, theatre, gardening and, of course, friendship.