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Lost in Translation – between knowledge and action

Robert Zipplies together with Alison McCallum (formerly of ERM and now an independent consultant) and two psychiatrists (Drs Ian McCaullum and John Parker, both with a deep passion for social and environmental issues) offered an afternoon workshop at the Sustain our Africa conference to explore the gap between knowledge (of our sustainability issues) and the lack of action. Humanity is aware of their growing social, environmental and economic problems, yet this is not matched by the required action to change our society. Why and where are we stuck? How do we overcome our inertia?

The session explored how and why individuals and organisations are addicted to a certain way of being, and the key areas in which we typically get stuck; how to overcome our addictive behaviour patterns; notions of sustainable human values; the need for more effectively communicating change; and lessons from the wild about holistic leadership as an approach to change.

Much food for thought about how to enhance our change initiatives.

Thank you to the full contingent of people that participated.

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